Depression Evaluation

One in five Americans experience on episode of depression in their lifetime. Take this private self-assessment to determine your level of depression. The PHQ-9 is a clinically validated screening tool to help identify levels of depressive symptoms.
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The results can help you have a more informed conversation with your therapist at Inspiring Change, LLC.  CRITICAL: If you endorsed item #9, “Thoughts that you would be better off dead or of hurting yourself in some way.” Call 911 immediately or go to the closest hospital emergency room for mental health assessment.

0-4 Minimal or None Discuss your symptoms with family, friends or therapist. Monitor the effect that symptoms may have on daily functioning
5-9 Mild Talk to a therapist to determine if the frequency, duration and intensity of your symptoms require treatment
10-14 Moderate Definitely see a therapist to discuss symptoms and learn ways to feel better.
15-19 Moderately Severe Contact a therapist immediately to consider talking therapy, medications and/or a combination of both. If you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others, call your county crisis number or go to the closest hospital emergency room for a mental health assessment.
20-27 Severe Absolutely contact a therapist immediately, call your county crisis number and/or go to the closest hospital emergency room for mental health assessment.

ADVICE: While all of us feel depressed at one time or another throughout our lives as a reaction to a stressor, clinical depression effects our daily functioning in a negative way. You should always consult with a mental health professional who will do a clinical interview, a mental status examination and the level of distress and functional impairment in your life. Click here to send a message to a therapist.
Depression impacts many aspects of your life. Awareness is education, education is power.
You’ve taken the first step, now take the second step. Only 50% of people who suffer from depression seek and engage in treatment. Call 724-256-9881 or send an email to a therapist now.
Depression is treatable, you are not alone.
Inspiring Change, LLC presents this message from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Please check out their web site for more information.
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